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epic: part II

Anna was just sitting in her room, knitting-- she was fond of knitting, after all-- Daisy curled up at her side. It had been relatively uneventful on the ship and Anna was certainly fine with a lack of drama.

She petted her kitty's head and smiled to herself, thinking of Georg, of course. She often thought of him, actually.



Anna's in her room with the door slightly ajar. She's already in her nightie, her hair out of her pigtails and hanging loose in curls around her shoulders. She plops onto her bed and gazes out the window, hoping for some company.


Announcement: I love Georg Zirschnitz.

He loves me.

New Year Meme!

In 2008, myjunkis_u resolves to...
Give up trees.
Ask my boss for a religion.
Overcome my secret fear of friends.
Go to the pigtails every month.
Be nicer to letapplesfall.
Go kissing three times a week.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

It's quite early, but... *BLUSH*



Anna can be seen on the deck, dressed in a blue dress for once, though there are still pink ribbons in her hair. She has fallen asleep in a lounge chair, a copy of Romeo and Juliet on the table next to her. Feel free to wake her up. ;)

Open Post: A kiss!

Anna is sitting by the pool, her skirts rolled up past her knees, her bare feet dangling in the water. She is alone with her thoughts, unable to stop thinking about a certain boy whose cheek she had kissed. A secret smile spreads across her face as she lifts it to observe the setting sun. A kiss!

She is free to be poked at.

Ohh, no.

Anna is obviously aware that she is on a ship, but it wasn't until now that she realized how ill she felt each time she approached the edge, glancing into the water. She clutches at her stomach, covering her mouth with one hand, closing her eyes and forcing herself to take deep, deep breaths.